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Portable Toilets

53476408933__4DCE2571_D165_4E12_A568_A17521667D40Alongside our site accommodation we offer a range of serviced toilet units suitable for all types of sites. From your bog standard portable chemical toilet to a 3 +1 toilet block.

Standard Portable Toilet
Hotwash Portable Toilet
2+1 Toilet Block
3+1 Toilet Block

Weekly Service Assured – when hiring portable toilets long term we now how important it is to ensure that your chemical toilets are serviced regularly for the comfort of your workforce. Every week we empty the tank, refill the water and chemicals, clean the inside of the unit and drop in some fresh toilet rolls.

If using an effluent tank with toilet block units you can have this serviced as often as required or alternatively you can plumb units directly into the mains.

As a registered waster carrier, we have all the necessary permits to empty both effluent tanks and portable toilets.

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