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RM Plant Services Range of Lighting Solutions

How to keep your work site well-lit this winter


Keeping your work-site well-lit can be a daunting task, but essential to keep your team working and project moving during those dark and longer winter nights. RM Plant Services have a range of lighting solutions, perfect for most construction sites!

Festoon Lighting:

Ideal for structures, fencing and walls, this is the traditional way of keeping the workplace well lit. The range has maximum output with little energy usage. RM's immediate range includes:

  • 22m Bayonet Festoon 240V,
  • 22m Eddison Festoon 110V.


LED Lighting:

RMs LED lighting can be used in all angles, to ensure you get full vision for your project safely and is ideal for most projects! The range includes:

  • 600mm LED Tripod Plasterers Light 110V.

Halogen Lighting:

RMs range of halogen lighting are ideal for both close up lighting and large areas. The handheld option is ideal because it's portable and ideal to get to those hard to reach places that larger lighting solutions can't reach. The floodlight is ideal to keep large areas well-lit and safe to manoeuvre various objects, ensuring the safety of both workmen and pedestrians alike. The range includes:

  • 2000w 4 Headed Floodlight 110V,
  • 500w Halogen Minipod Lamp 110V.

Fluorescent Lighting:

The fluorescent option is provided for RM from Defender. The 1200mm 110V Uplight provides a 360 lighting area (with the reflector removed) and 180 with the reflector attached, this provides versatility to the workforce.

  • 1200mm Defender Uplight 110V.

If you're looking for more ways to be prepared for the winter months, check RM's past blog for more information on submersible pumps and heating solutions


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